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Response to the UK’s consultation on improving boiler efficiency standards

The UK Government recently launched a consultation on Improving Boiler Efficiency Standards. This briefing covers the HSC’s formal response to this consultation in relation to hydrogen-ready boilers.

Definición de hidrógeno limpio

¿Cómo sabemos si el hidrógeno ayuda a mitigar el cambio climático o contribuye a aumentar las emisiones? Hemos analizado las principales vías de producción de hidrógeno y sus emisiones asociadas, y hemos elaborado nuestra propia Definición de Hidrógeno Limpio.

Briefing on the UK Energy Bill

Submitted to the UK House of Lords by the Hydrogen Science Coalition on 28/8/2022, updated on the 9/12/2022.

Hydrogen and Carbon Capture in Scotland – Call for evidence

In January 2022, the UK Parliament set up a Scottish Affairs Committee enquiry seeking evidence around hydrogen and carbon capture. This is the submission from the Hydrogen Science Coalition.