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Hydrogen-produced synthetic natural gas (e-gas) – TES Canada case study

Is e-gas made from green hydrogen a cost-effective and efficient use of renewable electricity? We analyse TES Canada’s plan to produce e-gas for use in Quebec’s main gas network as a case study.

Response to the UK’s consultation on improving boiler efficiency standards

The UK Government recently launched a consultation on Improving Boiler Efficiency Standards. This briefing covers the HSC’s formal response to this consultation in relation to hydrogen-ready boilers.

Clean Hydrogen Definition

How do we know if hydrogen is helping to mitigate climate change, or contributing to increased emissions? We’ve analysed the major hydrogen production pathways and their associated emissions, and produced our own Clean Hydrogen Definition.

Briefing on the UK Energy Bill

Submitted to the UK House of Lords by the Hydrogen Science Coalition on 28/8/2022, updated on the 9/12/2022.

Hydrogen and Carbon Capture in Scotland – Call for evidence

In January 2022, the UK Parliament set up a Scottish Affairs Committee enquiry seeking evidence around hydrogen and carbon capture. This is the submission from the Hydrogen Science Coalition.