David Cebon

Profesor de Ingeniería Mecánica de la Universidad de Cambridge (Reino Unido)

David Cebon es catedrático de Ingeniería Mecánica en la Universidad de Cambridge y miembro de la Real Academia de Ingeniería. Es director del Centro para el Transporte Sostenible de Mercancías por Carretera y dirige el Grupo de Investigación sobre el Transporte del departamento de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Cambridge. Asimismo, dirige la investigación del departamento relativa a la ‘Energía, Transporte e Infraestructura Urbana‘. La investigación del profesor Cebon abarca los aspectos mecánicos, civiles y de materiales de la ingeniería del transporte por carretera. Es autor o coautor de más de 150 artículos revisados por expertos sobre la dinámica, la seguridad y el rendimiento medioambiental de los vehículos pesados. En la actualidad se centra en los vectores energéticos.

Área de especialización en hidrógeno: transporte de pasajeros, transporte de mercancías de larga distancia.

David Cebon en los medios

H2 View

Current lifecycle assessments ‘mask’ hydrogen’s near-term warming impact: EDF finds

Hydrogen’s near-term greenhouse effect has been masked by current assessment models, according to a new report by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

On Economia

Barcelona apuesta por los autobuses de hidrógeno verde que fracasan en otras ciudades

TMB compró 38 buses a Solaris de hidrógeno, que han dado problemas en Tokio, Wiesbaden, Pau y Montpellier.

Sky News

Is the fossil fuel era ending? The Climate Show with Tom Heap

“The government has done the right thing and followed scientific advice. I hope other countries will follow the UK’s lead”: Professor David Cebon speaks about the UK’s cancellation of the Redcar hydrogen heating trial.

Australasian Bus & Coach

Cambridge expert warns Melbourne hydrogen buses are destined to fail

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University David Cebon says hydrogen buses are expensive, inefficient and destined to join an increasingly long list of failed hydrogen transport trials.

Sky News

The Climate Show with Tom Heap: Hydrogen buses and trucks – the future or a non-starter?

Sky News was given exclusive access to the first British designed and built heavy goods vehicle (HGV) to be fuelled by hydrogen.

El País

With fossil fuel boilers on the way out, heat pumps and green hydrogen jockey for position

Brussels wants all new buildings in the EU to be zero-emissions from 2028.

Cinco Días

Adiós a las calderas de gas: bombas de calor o hidrógeno verde, el futuro de la calefacción

Bruselas propone que los edificios de nueva construcción estén libres de CO2 a partir de 2028.

The Telegraph

Forcing hydrogen boilers into homes branded ‘dangerous experiment’ by peer

A peer who helped draft the UK’s Climate Change Act has described forcing households to accept hydrogen boilers as a “potentially dangerous and expensive experiment” amid a mounting Lords rebellion over the plans.

The Independent

Government must speed up decarbonisation, analysts say

Trade bodies, renewables entrepreneurs, researchers and expert analysts have said that Government policy is holding back a net zero energy system.

OECD - The Forum Network

Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition to 2050—Three evidenced-based recommendations

Hydrogen has morphed from a targeted solution to a “silver bullet” for the energy transition. But policymakers shouldn’t get caught up in the hype warn David Cebon & Johanne Whitmore, who share recommendations to ensure hydrogen plays its valuable role in the energy transition without derailing progress towards net zero.

The Times

It’s hydrogen versus heat pumps in the race to heat our homes

Some time in 2024, households in Fife will turn on their kitchen cookers and start making dinner. But there will be something different about the preparation of this meal: the flame will be yellow instead of blue. The gas burning on the stove will be hydrogen, and it will emit no carbon.

BBC News

Study contradicts Rees-Mogg over hydrogen for heating

A new study has cast doubt on government claims that hydrogen could be used to heat homes and so cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Diari ARA

David Cebon: “A green hydrogen bus consumes three times as much electricity as an electric bus”

Green hydrogen is often presented as the key to energy transformation, but producing it still requires a lot of energy. This is the warning scientists such as David Cebon, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge and member of the Hydrogen Science Coalition


NextEra unveils ‘mad’ plan to develop 16GW of hydrogen power stations in Florida

Experts puzzled by proposal from owner of Florida utility to convert its fleet of baseload natural gas-fired power stations to run on green hydrogen by 2045

financial times

Ammonia/BP: chemistry experiment may yield transports of delight

Businesses such as BP are right to explore the potential that hydrogen possesses


‘High risk of stranded assets’ | Blue hydrogen ‘does not make sense’ in a gas price crisis: study

Producing H2 from methane would drive up natural-gas demand and household bills, adding to EU’s energy woes, says think-tank IEEFA


‘Hideous propaganda’ | Ambition, realism and anger at billionaire Forrest’s big-name green hydrogen gathering

DISPATCHES | A truly global group of the great and the good convened in Barcelona to discuss hugely optimistic targets, practical challenges, hard-to-abate sectors… and the ‘liars’ promoting blue H2


Usos más eficientes del hidrógeno verde

España puede ser un actor importante en este tipo de energía, pero hay que evitar destinarla a fines equivocados: cuando es posible electrificar, resulta mucho más eficiente esta opción

El Mundo

David Cebon (Universidad de Cambridge): “El hidrógeno no puede retrasar la electrificación de la economía”

Es una de las voces más cualificadas en el futuro del transporte sostenible y prevé que en 10 años las flotas de las ciudades estén electrificadas.

el español

Así es el ‘e-fuel’, el combustible sostenible que utilizan dos de los coches españoles del Dakar

Los combustibles sintéticos se presentan como una alternativa limpia para la movilidad del futuro, pero su empleo a gran escala plantea algunas dudas.

El Confidencial

Cuidado, no todo es ‘happy’ en el futuro del hidrógeno verde

Nace una coalición de expertos para velar por un futuro del hidrógeno basado en la ciencia y no en intereses particulares de empresas o gobiernos.


New cadre aims to ‘bring concrete evidence back into H2 debate, free from industry bias’

An independent expert group of scientists, academics and engineers has today launched a new advisory body — the Hydrogen Science Coalition (HSC) — that aims to bring “concrete evidence back into the hydrogen debate, free from industry bias”.

H2 View

‘World’s first’ hydrogen coalition launched with plans to support governments with integrating hydrogen technologies

The “world’s first” independent coalition on hydrogen’s role in the energy transition has been launched today (Dec 9). Dubbed the Hydrogen Science Coalition, the group is a voluntary coalition of experts and aims to provide recommendations for governments to integrate hydrogen technologies in the best way possible.


‘Hydrogen for heating and road transport is not efficient and does not make economic sense’

A group of concerned scientists write an open letter to the UK government to warn of the inefficiencies and added expense of using H2 in sectors where electric alternatives are cheaper.

The Independent

Scientists ‘concerned’ over government plans for hydrogen home heating

Letter to prime minister says government should take a cautious approach to fossil-fuel based ‘blue hydrogen’, Daisy Dunne reports.

Financial Times

UK’s hydrogen energy push could be subsidised by taxpayer

UK taxpayers could subsidise the production of “low carbon” hydrogen to make it as cheap as natural gas, as ministers seek to persuade a range of sectors to switch away from fossil fuels.


Hydrogen isn’t a panacea for the carbon economy

On Tuesday, the U.K. outlined its plan for building a hydrogen economy, pledging to develop subsidy schemes that would incentivize $5 billion of investment into the industry by 2030. According to the government’s projections, the British domestic hydrogen industry could generate $18 billion of value added, create 100,000 new jobs and power 35% of the U.K.’s energy consumption by 2050.

The Telegraph

Billions to be funnelled into hydrogen subsidies as UK races to hit net zero

Billions of pounds of households’ money is to be funnelled into hydrogen production as Britain battles to create a market in the clean-burning gas.

China Daily

Fears raised over impact of blue hydrogen

A study by two major universities in the United States has claimed that the alternative fuel source that is widely expected to form a central part of the British government’s new hydrogen strategy, coming out later this year, is in fact more damaging to the environment than burning natural gas.

S&P Global Platts

New study questions climate sense of blue hydrogen in UK strategy

A scientific paper released Aug. 12 that said low-carbon hydrogen in heating was significantly worse for the environment than using natural gas poses a challenge for the UK’s forthcoming hydrogen strategy, expected to include support for both low-carbon and renewable production.

The Times (UK)

Fossil fuel companies ‘misleading’ Boris Johnson on green hydrogen

Boris Johnson is being misled by Britain’s multibillion-pound fossil fuel lobby into backing climate change policies that risk unnecessarily pushing up energy bills and undermining carbon targets, leading scientists warn today.