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Media Articles

Our members have been quoted in The Times, Reuters, and The Financial Times, among others.


A global gold rush for buried hydrogen is underway — as hype builds over its clean energy potential

The Hydrogen Science Coalition said geologic hydrogen discoveries currently supply the world with less daily energy than a single wind turbine.

The Globe and Mail

Opinion: Dreams of Canada-EU hydrogen trade are a sinking ship

Plans to trade Canadian hydrogen with Germany are riddled with hurdles – but it’s not too late for Canada to instead decarbonise its existing hydrogen industry as an achievable priority, write Paul Martin and Jochen Bard.

BNN Bloomberg

Odds of finding economically-viable natural hydrogen deposit look slim: Hydrogen Science Coalition

Natural hydrogen would present a very welcome opportunity to decarbonize current-day hydrogen production, but the situation doesn’t look promising, says Paul Martin, founding member of the Hydrogen Science Coalition.

Press Releases

Experts launch first independent hydrogen coalition

An expert group of scientists, academics and engineers today launched the world’s first independent coalition on hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.