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Our members have been quoted in The Times, Reuters, and The Financial Times, among others.

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Namibia stakes its future on the green hydrogen market

Namibia, a country of abundant wind and sun, has ambitions to be one of Africa’s first green hydrogen export hubs.

Diari ARA

David Cebon: “A green hydrogen bus consumes three times as much electricity as an electric bus”

Green hydrogen is often presented as the key to energy transformation, but producing it still requires a lot of energy. This is the warning scientists such as David Cebon, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge and member of the Hydrogen Science Coalition


NextEra unveils ‘mad’ plan to develop 16GW of hydrogen power stations in Florida

Experts puzzled by proposal from owner of Florida utility to convert its fleet of baseload natural gas-fired power stations to run on green hydrogen by 2045

Press Releases

Experts launch first independent hydrogen coalition

An expert group of scientists, academics and engineers today launched the world’s first independent coalition on hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.