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Media Articles

Our members have been quoted in The Times, Reuters, and The Financial Times, among others.

OECD - The Forum Network

Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition to 2050—Three evidenced-based recommendations

Hydrogen has morphed from a targeted solution to a “silver bullet” for the energy transition. But policymakers shouldn’t get caught up in the hype warn David Cebon & Johanne Whitmore, who share recommendations to ensure hydrogen plays its valuable role in the energy transition without derailing progress towards net zero.

The Times

It’s hydrogen versus heat pumps in the race to heat our homes

Some time in 2024, households in Fife will turn on their kitchen cookers and start making dinner. But there will be something different about the preparation of this meal: the flame will be yellow instead of blue. The gas burning on the stove will be hydrogen, and it will emit no carbon.

BBC News

Study contradicts Rees-Mogg over hydrogen for heating

A new study has cast doubt on government claims that hydrogen could be used to heat homes and so cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Press Releases

Experts launch first independent hydrogen coalition

An expert group of scientists, academics and engineers today launched the world’s first independent coalition on hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.