We are a group of independent academics, scientists and engineers who are working to bring an evidence-based viewpoint to the heart of the hydrogen discussion.

We have no public or private vested interests in our position and stand for supporting what the scientific evidence indicates, putting facts at the centre of any justification for using hydrogen in the energy transition.

Our aim is to ensure that any public investments in hydrogen reflect the most effective path forward in our journey towards net-zero emissions by 2050.

Our time dedicated to the Hydrogen Science Coalition is entirely voluntary. We are volunteer-led, and don’t receive any compensation for our work. We’re grateful to the Meliore Foundation for funding the creation of the website, and for their logistical support.

For more on our views on hydrogen, read our Principles.

What do we do?

We use our collective expertise to translate the role that hydrogen can play in the energy transition for politicians, media and investors. 

We provide briefings, access to data and work as a credible resource grounded in unbiased evidence. Our members often volunteer their time to speak on panels, at events and are regularly quoted in the media. 

For media enquiries for the group or individual members, please email us at [email protected]. For our latest media appearances, check out our Newsroom page.

Our members

Bernard van Dijk

Airplane performance lecturer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

David Cebon

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cambridge, England

Jochen Bard

Director of Energy Process Technology Division, Fraunhofer IEE

Johanne Whitmore

Senior Researcher, Energy Systems and Policies Chair in Energy Sector Management, HEC Montréal

Tom Baxter

Visiting Professor University of Strathclyde, Ex-BP Engineer

Paul Martin

Chemical Engineer and Process Development Expert