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Hydrogen trade: Can shipping deliver a global hydrogen market?

Paul Martin, chemical engineer and process development expert, examines why the large-scale transport of hydrogen and its derivatives has yet to become a reality

Everything you need to know about natural or geologic hydrogen

In this guest blog post, Dr Arnout Everts, geoscientist and energy consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, separates fact and fiction when it comes to geologic hydrogen’s clean energy potential

Good hydrogen policy? US clean hydrogen tax credits

Paul Martin, chemical engineer and process development expert, explains how the US has produced rare policy that incentivises truly clean hydrogen production

Hydrogen for heating? Considering the storage solution (Part 3)

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University, David Cebon, investigates whether energy storage makes hydrogen heating a viable option for a low-carbon future

Can electrolysers of the future solve hydrogen’s efficiency problem?

Paul Martin, chemical engineer and process development expert, investigates if new advancements in electrolysis can overcome green hydrogen’s biggest challenge

Hydrogen in aviation: Explainer video with Bernard van Dijk

In this new explainer video, our member Bernard van Dijk investigates if hydrogen is a viable decarbonisation solution as an aircraft fuel and debunks some commonly made statements on hydrogen for aircraft.

How clean is hydrogen, actually? With Prof. David Cebon

In this episode of the Fully Charged Podcast, our member David Cebon speaks with Robert Llewellyn about hydrogen and sets straight a few myths about its uses and cleanliness.

Hydrogen for heating? A comparison with heat pumps (Part 2)

This two-part article covers the most frequently proposed ways to heat buildings in a low-carbon future. In Part 1 the focus was comparing energy efficiency and carbon emissions. Here, Part 2 continues by looking at technology readiness and infrastructure requirements.

Hydrogen for heating? A comparison with heat pumps (Part 1)

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University, Prof David Cebon, compares two ways to heat the UK in a low-carbon future: hydrogen-powered hot water boilers and electric-powered heat pumps.

Hydrogen for aircraft – number crunching the solution, or the hoax

Hydrogen is often claimed as a solution for hard to decarbonise sectors like as aviation. But is it really feasible to decarbonise the aviation sector with hydrogen? To really unpick this, let’s crunch some numbers.

Blue hydrogen – what is it, and should it replace natural gas?

Blue hydrogen is often touted as a low-carbon fuel for generating electricity. But according to a new report it may be no better for the climate than continuing to use fossil natural gas.

Engineering with Rosie: Hydrogen in the Natural Gas Network

Our member Paul Martin spoke with Rosie, from the YouTube channel Engineering with Rosie, about whether it is easy to simply substitute hydrogen into the existing natural gas pipe network.

Hydrogen: hope, hype and thermodynamics with Paul Martin (podcast)

Our member Paul Martin recently featured on the HC Insider podcast to discuss hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.

Examining the “Hydrogen Ladder” with Paul Martin (podcast)

Which sectors should hydrogen be used in? Our member Paul Martin recently appeared on the CleanTech Talk podcast: Examining the “Hydrogen Ladder”.

Hydrogen: UK government sees future in low-carbon fuel – but what’s the reality?

The UK’s long-awaited hydrogen strategy has set out the government’s plans for “a world-leading hydrogen economy”. On the face of it, this vision of a low-carbon future sounds like good news. But is it? And are there other options for delivering net zero that will be better for the public?

Hydrogen: it’s complicated with Paul Martin (podcast)

Our member Paul Martin guest appeared on the Redefining Energy Podcast, episode 44: Hydrogen: it’s complicated.

Hydrogen: broken promises with Paul Martin (podcast)

Gerard and Laurent invite Paul Martin onto the podcast “Redfining Energy” to review the various development routes for Hydrogen, the forever “fuel of tomorrow”.