Hydrogen and Carbon Capture in Scotland – Call for evidence

In January 2022, the UK Parliament set up a Scottish Affairs Committee enquiry seeking evidence around hydrogen and carbon capture. This is the submission from the Hydrogen Science Coalition.

Introduction to the Hydrogen Science Coalition

The HSC are a group of independent academics, scientists and engineers who are specialists in hydrogen from production to potential end use sectors. We want to ensure that policy decisions on hydrogen reflect the most effective path forward in Scotland/UK’s journey towards net zero emissions by 2045/50.

Our position

It is abundantly clear that the Scottish Government understands that, done well, decarbonisation can create jobs, future-proof Scottish industries, improve air quality and cut consumer bills.

Delivering net zero is about deploying all the solutions we have within the right sectors, ensuring that we tap into all expertise available to guide decisions. A well thought through, evidence supported, strategy on hydrogen is a key part of that plan.

The terms of reference provided by the SAC presupposes that there is an extensive societal, environmental and commercial benefit for hydrogen production in Scotland.

The HSC’s key concern is that Scotland is moving at pace with a hydrogen strategy that has not been fully evidenced tested against other Scottish net zero pathways, notably electrification.


You can download our original submission here.

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