Tom Baxter

Visiting Professor University of Strathclyde, Ex-BP Engineer

Tom Baxter is a Chemical Engineer with 40 years working in the oil and gas industry. Tom graduated from Strathclyde University in 1975 with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (first class honours) and is a Fellow of the IChemE. He started his career with ICI Petrochemicals, moved to fine chemicals with the Swiss company Ciba-Geigy before taking a position as a Process Engineer in 1980 with BNOC (British National Oil Corporation). Through privatisation and acquisitions BNOC became Britoil, then BP. Here he worked as an Operations Engineer, Development Engineer and Research Manager. 

In 1991 he left BP and joined Altra Consultants as Technical Manager. He accepted a position as Technical Director with Genesis in 1998 and became the Aberdeen Business Unit Director in 2005. He returned to his role as Technical Director in 2010 together with a position as Senior Fellow in the Chemical Engineering Department at Aberdeen University, which he helped establish. Since 2003 he has been visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering at Strathclyde University. He is currently a Chemical Engineering consultant providing energy and greenhouse gas reduction expertise.

Area of hydrogen expertise: Hydrogen production, domestic heating, blending hydrogen with natural gas.


Written by Tom Baxter

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